Drive down any well-established residential street and you will encounter a multitude of hedges, nature’s fencing and shelter solution.  Hedges offer privacy from nosy neighbours, shelter from damaging and chilly winds, a solid background to a colourful garden and an architectural link between your home and your section.

We all know it is the first impression that counts, and a well-trimmed, healthy hedge adds value to your property, indicating a well-maintained and cared-for residence.

Often planted last generation or even earlier, hedges come in all shapes, sizes and species, and benefit from individual attention rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to maintenance and trimming.  A tidy hedge requires hours of work and gorilla-length arms, not to mention the cost and effort involved with removing the debris.


Hedgehogs Hedge Specialists offers cost effective and professional care for hedges in the greater Dunedin area.
Owner Mark Jackson has many years’ experience in landscaping, and property and hedge care, and offer specialised hedge services.  He can cover everything from planting and design, to regular trimming, refurbishment and even hedge removal.  You know your hedge will be in safe hands with Hedgehogs.

Equipped with all the best quality equipment, and a quick and efficient approach to getting your job done on time, Hedgehogs are your specialists for hedge care.



Hedgehogs hedge trimming